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Expert diesel mechanics to get you rolling again.

For those who live in or near Fort Pierce, Yavorsky’s Truck Service offers a complete line of diesel engine services. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for providing a wide range of services for trucks. Our diesel engine services are ranked as one of the best in the region and for good reasons.

At Yavorsky’s Truck Service, we provide to you the best in diesel engine maintenance, repair, and overhauls. We are the professionals you can trust to maintain, repair, and overhaul diesel engines that meet your needs while staying in your price range.


Our Diesel Engine Services

Diagnostics: Discovering what is wrong can be as challenging as conducting the repairs. From addressing the service light being on to delivering accurate testing and providing a prompt response, our diagnostic team identifies the exact issues with your diesel engine quickly and efficiently. The result is that you are back on the road faster thanks to our services.

Maintenance: From running low on fluids to cleaning filters, providing tune ups, and other maintenance procedures, we keep your diesel engine running smoothly.

Repair: Anything with moving parts is eventually going to wear down and break. If your diesel engine is in need of repair, we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to do the job right. From issues with the EVG vale to leaking oil and more, we can repair diesel engines on Class 8 trucks, medium duty trucks, RVs, buses, vans, and even heavy construction equipment.

Overhaul: Instead of buying a new truck, why not save money and invest in a proper engine overhaul instead? We can clean, service, and repair your diesel engine. We replace worn parts with new ones and reassemble the failing engine block to give it new life which will last for years to come.


Why Choose Yavorsky’s Truck Service?

There are good reasons why you should trust the trained, qualified mechanics at Yavorsky’s Truck Service. Everything starts with our prompt, professional service designed to address the needs of your diesel engine right away.

High Quality Standards: Our primary goal is to perform our job correctly with the best parts available. You want to have confidence when driving which is why our services only use the best parts available.

Fast: We work as quickly as possible to provide the right services for your diesel engine without sacrificing quality. That means you are back on the road sooner and with more confidence thanks to our prompt, professional services.

Competitive Pricing: Getting the best does not mean having to pay the highest prices. We provide you with expert diagnostic, maintenance, repair, and engine overhaul services at low, competitive prices to fit your wallet.

At Yavorsky’s Truck Service, we provide a comprehensive line of diesel engine services. This means that we are your one-stop-shop when it comes to diesel engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul. Our team of trained professionals are here to get you back on the road quickly and at a price which fits your budget.

Call Yavorsky’s Truck Service today and find out why so many truck drivers trust our services.